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Bistro Steak & Mediterranean Potato Medley
This delectable bistro steak & Mediterranean potato medley will have your guests asking for seconds. 
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Mushroom Tart in Potato Crust
Rich, savory mushrooms fill this crispy and crunchy take on a tart crust that you'll want to make again and again. 
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Rocky Mountain Potato Chowder
Potato chowder with green chiles, fresh corn and crispy bacon bits, topped with sliced scallions will leave everyone begging for more. 
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Potato Curry with Peas
Serve this potato curry with Indian flatbread for a vegetarian meal or use as an accompaniment for simple grilled fish or chicken.
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Easy Michigan Potato Gnocchi
You don't need to be an Italian grandmother to master this super and simply delicious potato gnocchi made with 100% Michigan Potatoes!
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